Supplier/ Vendor Portal

Real-time collaborative vendor platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365

We offer the only supplier/vendor solution with real-time integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP.


Key Features of Supplier/Vendor Portal

Seamless Communication

Secure platform with Real-time communication between the portal and NAV.

Real-time updates

Show updates instantly on pricing, shipping dates, comments etc

Upload and Download Manager

Upload/Download functionality for vendors to instantly download, sign and attach documents. Access these directly in their Dynamics ERP profile.

Information and Document Management

Unique document management feature allows for display and management of all documents online in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

View/ Print Orders, Invoices and Reports

Ability to view, save as pdf or print any historical Quote, Order or Invoices.

Display all NAV Quotes, Orders and Invoices

A self service portal with access to all documents online.

Simplified Onboarding process

Secure online registration for your eCommerce business. Process to gather required info/docs and insert your vendors into your ERP.

Dashboard and Statistics

Create Dashboards to view Vendor Performance and Portal Statistics

Alerts and notifications

Set automated email Alerts and Notifications

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Featured Projects


DeS implemented a Supplier/Vendor Portal to provide a self-service platform for their vendors to manage Purchase Order, Quotes and Invoices. Customized screens, Business documents Upload/Download functionality, Complicated Reporting and Statistics tool, Alerts and notifications on activities etc. A full-fledged portal implemented with Multi-company and in Multi-currency with Vendors accessing it all across the world.


supplyFORCE delivers multi-category MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating) solutions to large Fortune 1,000 companies through our network of 200+ trusted local and regional distributors with more than 2,500 branch locations
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