At Dynamics eShop, we provide customer-centric eCommerce solutions and services to help you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

We, at DynamicseShop, believe that our success depends a lot on teaming with a partner community that is as dedicated at providing customer-friendly solutions as we are. When we form a partnership, our sole aim remains providing solutions to your clients, with which they can improve their revenue and expand their businesses operations with the use of technology.

It is designed for companies who are into selling and supporting eCommerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365. There are two types of options that Dynamics eShop offers:


These are companies who are not into the process of selling, but may operate across promising site opportunities. You refer us a lead, we deal with the customer, and pay you a handsome commission on the basis of the sale that we make. Commissions paid when the project is completed.


This is meant for our Rapid Deployment sites. Chances are that you can make greater margins here than you do under any such program. This is because in the Reseller program you will be dealing directly with customers.

Why choose us as your partner?

• We do not require any certification and charge no program fee

• You get an access to joint marketing opportunities

• Margins on services and software that escalate by volume

• Pre-sale services like proposals, consultation, project management, product demos, etc.

• Post sale support, product support, product modifications and training and implementation services.

Partner Support:

→ Assistance during sales with eShop Demo

→ Access to dedicated ready demo environment for Customer Portal, B2B, B2C, Vendor Portal that’s integrated to NAV/Dynamics 365.

→ Customized demo setup for your customers upon request.

→ Hands-on training on eShop implementation and objects merge

→ Invites to webinars and newsletters to stay current with our developments

Come join us! We promise you won’t regret.