eShopConnect - Connector for Amazon and Microsoft Dynamics ERP

eShopConnect is a real-time integration tool that offers seamless connection between Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Amazon. Simplify fulfillment and decrease overhead with our complete solution for Amazon web services.

Amazon dynamics 365 integration

Enabling Microsoft Dynamics ERP as a master source, eShopConnect offers automatic syncing with Amazon including items, inventory, customer data, and sales orders. This gives your team access to all data in one place and streamlines updates.

Key Features of eShopConnect for Amazon


Full Integration

• Allow support for all Amazon item categories including simple and matrix items
• Support both Merchant Fulfillment Network (MFN) and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) orders
• Sync refunds from Amazon to Dynamics ERP

customers orders amazon

Customers and Orders

• Automatically sync new sales orders and customer data from Amazon to Dynamics ERP
• Capable of up to 15000 orders per day
• Track returning customers

items inventory amazon

Items and Inventory

• Connect item data from Dynamics ERP to Amazon
• Update inventory in real time from multiple warehouses



• Sync transaction-based and non-transaction-based fees from Amazon to Dynamics ERP
• Link settlement reports from Amazon to Dynamics ERP


Fulfillments and Shipping

• Connect fulfillment status, shipping, and tracking information from Dynamics ERP to Amazon
• Sync shipping methods across both platforms

amazon eshop dynamics

More Features

• Multi-store support
• Supports User Role based access & restrictions
• Automated ready process for data publishing
• Notification & email alerts with User creations, Order processing and Shipping.

What You Get with eShopConnect for Amazon?

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