Stand Out Online as a B2B Business

Getting started in the online space as a B2B business is no easy feat. In fact, more companies are struggling with gaining an edge in eCommerce as they compete with larger B2B giants. Still, it is important to establish a presence on the web so that your company can fully take advantage of its growth opportunities. Here are some tips on standing out so you can get business:

The right strategy to stand out online as a B2B business

Do proper research about the market.

Business 101 is to know your customer and your competition. This rings true in the online space as well. Research your target businesses and learn how they are buying and partnering online. Do they like webinars? Do they engage more when a discount is offered?

In addition to nailing down who your business customers are and what motivates them, it’s vital to take a look at your competition. What do you like and dislike about their website, social media, and/or products? How are you different?  

Make your webstore easy to navigate.

There’s nothing worse than a customer who wants to buy but can’t, due to a confusing or broken website.

You want to be clear in what you offer businesses. Be thoughtful when planning out your website and webstore; taking time to assess whether product descriptions make sense, that checkout is simple, etc. Make sure to have your team test all areas of your webstore multiple times before launching, and take note if anything is unclear or incorrect.

Pay attention to your reviews.

What are current businesses saying about your products or services? If you have a Google page or other account with reviews, see what is being said. Are there any ways you can improve based on this feedback? If so, take the necessary steps and inform the reviewer that you are doing so.

Have lots of great reviews? Share them! Put a testimonial page on your website or share them via social media. Show your potential customers that businesses trust you and what you have to offer. In turn, they will likely trust you too.

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