eShopConnect is a robust Integrator tool built utilizing the Dynamics ERP and Oracle Web services to create secure and effortless connection between the two.

Enabling ERP as its Master Source, eShopConnect makes it a single point of truth for business-critical data. 

By extending the rich functionalities provided by your ERP, the website is propelled with all the data and business logic it needs to provide your customers a personalized shopping experience.

Key Features

Catalog and Products

• Unlimited Categories and Products publish/updates from ERP
• Support for special Items - Attributes, UOM and Kits
• Demand based or Scheduled based sync

Payment, Shipping & Tax

• Orders right into the ERP. Sync web payment information right into the ERP Sales Orders table & support for 3rd party gateway
• Support for major Shipping carriers & ability to push info into ERP and update tracking
• Support to push tax info into ERP

Inventory Management

• Full Integration to show inventory from ERP
• Support to show Inventory by Item Attributes availability or by warehouse location


• Support for Special customer pricing, tier pricing, sale prices, discounts etc.
• Ready Integration to 3rd party pricing solutions.

Customer and Order Management

• Allows Guest checkout
• Create account in ERP with new Web Registrations
• Ability to manage user profile online
• Display past orders, transactions and any historical data.
• Create Sales Quote and Sales Orders right into the ERP.

More Features

• Multi-store support
• Supports User Role based access & restrictions
• Reports
• Automated ready process for data publishing
• Notification & email alerts with User creations, Order processing and Shipping.

Reasons to Integrate with eShopConnect

  • Your ERP is the true Master source - Create/Maintain data in NAV and share across multiple platforms seamlessly.
  • Built to fit, ready solution to automate and streamline your Online Commerce.
  • Full Integration that supports both Schedule based and Demand based synchronization.
  • Personalize customer experience by showing them their negotiated pricing, terms, discounts and more.
  • Shopping cart feature to create Sales Quote and Sales Orders right into the ERP.
  • Omni-channel capable for a unified shopping experience for your customers.
  • Ready Integration to major shipping gateways and support for online payment services.

We believe that your success is our success. We provide top-notch Implementation services and dedicated project resources to deliver a successful project.

  • Experts in NAV and Orcle
  • Proven and ready-made solution with out-of- the-box functionalities for efficient Integration.
  • Faster, end-to-end implementation & round the clock support.
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