eShopConnect is a robust integration tool that utilizes web services to create a secure and effortless connection between Dynamics ERP and Oracle commerce.

Enabling ERP as its master source, eShopConnect makes it a single point of truth for business critical data. 

By extending the rich functionalities provided by your ERP, the website will be propelled with all the data and business logic it needs to provide your customers a personalized shopping experience.

Key Features

Catalog & Products

• Unlimited categories and products publish/updates from ERP
• Support for special items - attributes, UOM and kits
• Demand based or scheduled based sync

Payment, Shipping & Tax

• Orders right into the ERP. Sync web payment information right into the ERP Sales Orders table & support for 3rd party gateway
• Support for major Shipping carriers & ability to push info into ERP and update tracking
• Support to push tax info into ERP

Inventory Management

• Full Integration to show inventory from ERP
• Support to show Inventory by Item Attributes availability or by warehouse location


• Support for Special customer pricing, tier pricing, sale prices, discounts etc.
• Ready Integration to 3rd party pricing solutions.

Customer and Order Management

• Allows Guest checkout
• Create account in ERP with new Web Registrations
• Ability to manage user profile online
• Display past orders, transactions and any historical data.
• Create Sales Quote and Sales Orders right into the ERP.

More Features

• Multi-store support
• Supports User Role based access & restrictions
• Reports
• Automated ready process for data publishing
• Notification & email alerts with User creations, Order processing and Shipping.

Reasons to Integrate with eShopConnect

  • Your ERP is the true Master source - Create/Maintain data in NAV and share across multiple platforms seamlessly.
  • Built to fit, ready solution to automate and streamline your Online Commerce.
  • Full Integration that supports both Schedule based and Demand based synchronization.
  • Personalize customer experience by showing them their negotiated pricing, terms, discounts and more.
  • Shopping cart feature to create Sales Quote and Sales Orders right into the ERP.
  • Omni-channel capable for a unified shopping experience for your customers.
  • Ready Integration to major shipping gateways and support for online payment services.

We believe that your success is our success. We provide top-notch Implementation services and dedicated project resources to deliver a successful project.

  • Experts in NAV and Orcle
  • Proven and ready-made solution with out-of- the-box functionalities for efficient Integration.
  • Faster, end-to-end implementation & round the clock support.
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