List your Products on Google Shopping for Free

Google has announced that products can be visible on google shopping tabs for free. All products are listed with zero cost irrespective of using Google Ads. It is a huge benefit for sellers as they get better connection with the customers. The businesses with eCommerce websites can leave their website link with the product, encouraging customers to check for other reliable products on your website.

These changes will be active beginning from US and will expand globally. In this crisis of COVID-19, such an update has come as a blessing to businesses.

How Does It Work?

Shopping Ads

Now, there is no need for small and medium businesses to compete with shopping ads. Businesses can easily list their product on Google shopping. Creating a merchant center account will get your feed uploaded on the list. Sign up for the surface across Google platform to begin using your free listing.

Paid Ads

There is not much change in the display of paid ads. They will be listed under sponsored slots. But, we have yet to see the changes in free listing. How the augmentation between paid and the organic listing happens is not determined yet.

Customers Point of View:

When customers search by any keyword, they will see both paid and free listed products. It’s the seller’s responsibility to make proper use of the keywords.

Working Procedure of Free Listing on Google Shopping

Steps To Be Considered:

  • Select “Growth” in the left navigation window on Google Merchant Center.
  • Go to “Manage Program”
  • Select “Surface Across Google”

A small tip from Google is to add products in the product feed to increase discoverability. 

Sellers with Existing Google Ads Account:

As these sellers have already chosen “Surface Across Google”, there are no further steps. Sellers are eligible to display their products under the free listing column. As Google says under “Unpaid Experience,” sellers can showcase their products. There won’t be any interruption in Google Ad slots.

New users:

There is no need for new sellers to go to Google Ads. Google is working to onboard sellers in the following months. Sellers can opt to use Surface Across Google. Create your product feed by beginning the Merchant Center Sign Up process.

Shopify Merchants:

If you have a Shopify store then things are easier for you. The Google Ads and Google Shopping List on the Shopify store will simplify the process. Contact Dynamics eShop and our experts will complete the process for you in no time.


Export your eCommerce products with one click on the free listing. It will drive more traffic to your online website. If you do not have one, get in touch with Dynamics eShop. We can assist you in creating your own unique website and also with your Google Shopping listing.

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