Learn These Secrets for Achieving B2B Ecommerce Success

By Pranathi

Are you interested to invest in a B2B online store? Do you want to upgrade your current B2B site? No matter what you wish to do, you must be aware of the key factors to make the investment or the modification viable and valuable. In this respect, you need to keep in mind certain essentials or the areas of concern to achieve success. You can call them secrets to success as well and this blog post endeavors to explore them. So, let’s get started with them. Take a look at the following.

Success Secret 1 – Positive Customer Experience

Make sure that business buyers can make a quote online. It is also important that your customers can easily and swiftly access their order history, inventory and budget. B2B webshop for Dynamics NAV solutions offer large order capabilities and the automatic conversion of online orders into invoices. All these make the purchasing process quick and hassle-free and contribute to a seamless customer experience.

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Success Secret 2 – Personalized Services

Great customer experience depends on personalized services. In recent times, personalized services have become the basic essential for creating a large client base. As the owner of a B2B online store, you should ponder over how the on-site behavior can be tailored according to the requirements and preferences of each business buyer. Presenting offers and providing recommendations according to the buyer’s behavior can be a good idea.

In this regard, proper integrations into various systems are necessary as this helps to collect a whole lot of valuable data like, records of buyers, pricing and catalog and many more. We will talk about integrations in the next paragraph.

Success Secret 3 – Robust Integration

Creating suitable offers and recommendations for customers is possible when you have the complete information about the buyer’s behavior. Smooth integrations into financial and business intelligence systems and third party tools are essential for this purpose.

Integrated ecommerce B2B solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) steers all business functions into a single integrated system. With all the information stored in a central database, you can benefit from enhanced business efficiency and offer better service.

Success Secret 4 – Informative and Useful Content

One of the vital factors for a successful B2B sales portal is good content. Now, what exactly good content means here? It actually refers to all the product information, such as the following

1. Price
2. Name of the manufacturer
3. SKU numbers
4. Specifications
5. Images and videos
6. User manual

Complete and accurate product information help the customers in making the right purchase.

If you are reaching out to the global platform, you should think about localizing your content for the convenience of the international buyers. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers multi-language capabilities.

These are the four fundamental factors that you need to consider while creating or upgrading a B2B online store. The proper implementation of these aspects may not be a simple task. You can always take help from an expert.

Driving a Friction-Free eCommerce Implementation for your Dynamics NAV/365 Environment

Speaker: Naveen Pinnama Reddy

Location: Ryman Studio L
Time: 2:30 to 3:30pm
Date: Friday,13th of October
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