eCommerce businesses are always looking for improved marketing tactics to boost sales. One of these trending marketing tactics is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing consists of partnering with individuals who have a strong follower base on social media to promote your product. In return, the individual receives money or merchandise. These influencers are good at storytelling, and they are able to show your product in an authentic way to an audience that is in your targeted demographic.

Not only does influencer marketing offer brand awareness to your desired audience, but it also can increase sales when done strategically. Here are some ideas for campaigns with social media influencers. 

Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate programs are commission-based campaigns where an influencer receives payment or merchandise from a determined percent of sales. An example of this is offering an influencer 5-10% of sales made during an Instagram campaign when customers checkout using the influencer’s specific link. This is a popular choice for businesses since customers still pay full price for products, and the link can stay valid for as long as you want, allowing influencers to keep the link up for longer periods of time.

Promo Codes:

You can provide personalized discount coupons or promo codes to an influencer who will share it to their audience. The benefit of using such a strategy is using a small discount like free shipping to drive the sale for the customer. Not only are they the targeted audience and they are being influenced by someone they trust, but now they are even getting a discount on your product. This is great for target audiences that are impulse buyers and are likely to take advantage of a deal in a small time frame. Again, influencer will make money off of a percent of sales made from this code, or a contracted amount agreed on before the campaign begins.

Boost Influencer Posts:

You can make use of influencer content and promote them through paid media. This expands the audience of your campaign from the influencer’s follower base to a targeted audience in any region. It will increase brand awareness further, which will amplify your reach and expand to the greater audience.

Blog Posts:

Hiring a blogging influencer to write a tailored blog post promoting your product is another great strategy. Not only will it allow for a more in-depth highlight of your product, but it also increases your own search engine optimization from the content and backlinks in their article. Blog posts are especially great when used in conjunction with the blogger’s Instagram or Facebook because you can catch the eye of those who enjoy reading lengthier pieces and of those who like quick blurbs.


Users trust the influencer they are following, and you can gain their trust too by collaborating with the influencer. You can add the influencer name with a service or product, or work with them on their own line of products that they promote. Consumers are likely to believe in your product through the influencer.

You can boost your sales with these strategies, but it is essential to plan out your campaign thoughtfully before jumping into influencer marketing. Some demographics aren’t represented in the social media or blogging realm, so it is important to research influencers and platforms that will best serve your business.

Are you still not sure about influencer marketing? Here are a few statistics:

  • Teens trust influencers: According to the YouTube generation study, 70% of teens trust influencers.
  • Women take social media advice: Based on central influencer research, 86% of women rely on opinions from social media and only 56% rely on opinions from expert advice.
  • Influencers are effective: According to the Twitter Drive Purchase Report, 40% of users purchase through an influencer.

A relatable influencer who has an engaged audience in your targeted demographic is the influencer you are looking for to be successful. Millions of followers but low engagement those followers won’t help your business. Think thoroughly and have a thought out plan to achieve success through influencer marketing.

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