The expectations of customers are increasing, and so is the competition among business people. A business needs to make efficient usage of their resources, including staying up to date with the latest technology trends.

There is one such technology called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which helps modernize businesses. To help shape the future of your business, you will need to know some of the 2020 trends for ERP.

Get Ready for Updates:

There are many new trends in cloud ERP solutions. Businesses need to get prepared for these new updates. You cannot continue to use the old versions of ERP for extended periods. Being ready to adapt to the latest releases will enhance your business. It will simplify the complexity of handling the technological updates.

Invest your time in training your staff members. By upgrading their skills, it will be easy for them to handle these changes.

ERP to Cloud:

Many software platforms moved to the cloud in the 2018. And based on 2020 expectations, ERP users will switch to cloud computing. This trend holds quite a beneficial factor for small-medium sized businesses. 

There is no demand for any in-house infrastructure with cloud ERP solutions. With the help of minimal human resources, you can utilize its benefits. Even big corporations have favorable factors from it.

Personalization over Customization:

It is the time when businesses opt for personalized ERP. Personalized ERP will help them in being updated with industrial trends. It will give quick solutions at a small fraction of cost.

Based on Forrester’s report by 2020, the market for personalized ERP solutions will cross the US $ 15 billion. You can reduce IT teams for managing the ERP in the future. Instead, increase team members for handling customers.


Blockchain is already into various enterprise software systems. Not after long, it will make its way into ERP solutions as well. Blockchain is the most secure platform in relation to transactions.

Customer acquisition and supply chain management become more active with this technology. The companies involved with shipping and tracking are already making use of it, so make sure you work on it to enhance your business.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is everywhere in the industry, and it will soon revolutionize ERP. When AI combines with ERP, businesses will achieve a high level of automation. It will decrease the usage of human resources across all functions. You can even introduce AI-enabled chatbots. It will surely reduce the cost of operations.

As stated earlier, business needs to process according to evolving technology. They need to grow at the same pace with ERP systems.

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