Is Digital Marketing Still Profitable in 2020?

Is digital marketing still that valuable in the year 2020? Yes, and in fact, the demand is increasing. It is the most cost-effective way for companies to promote their products and services. Regardless of its popularity, you’ll still need to adapt to the marketing trends to withstand digital competition.


After the Facebook data breach scandal in 2018, many lost their interest on the platform. Based on research from Forbes, 41% of Facebook users are over the age of 65. This implicates that Facebook is losing young traffic, which is important to note for many companies.
It is crucial to determine your target audience before launching any campaigns through Facebook. Marketers must make sure that their target audience is active on Facebook, or it will be a waste of resources and time.


Instagram is a popular and growing social media platform. It has already crossed 30 billion users, and it has a majority of younger users (under 30).  Instagram has removed the like feature which can affect companies in 2020. Users may drift away to another platform for more user-friendly features.


Chatbots are a painless way to communicate with users on your website. Chatbots are AI software that act as virtual assistants. Based on Tidio’s research, 43% of consumers prefer online chatting. Some perks:

  • 24-hour service
  • Instant replies
  • No breaks or vacations
  • Personal interaction
  • User data insights


Content marketing helps with website ranking. Along with the quality-content, context and target audience are also important. Google prefers in-depth, current, accurate, and user-friendly content on your website in order to rank high in searches. Rather than concentrating on trends, ensure the speed, links, and content are accurate and tailored for important keywords. Interactive content is the best way to educate the user about your products. They will get to know about the product and be more inclined to purchase.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a perfect platform for connecting with leads and current customers. Companies use email marketing for many purposes, such as demonstrating services and products, providing new updates, sales promotions and more. Regularly sending out emails with great content will help pull in new customers and keep your name in front of current buyers to keep them coming back.


Digital marketing is here to stay, and, if you do it right, is a great return on investment. Unsure where to start? Let us help you with your digital marketing needs.

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