When handling B2B eCommerce or B2C eCommerce, you have to put specific logistics trends on your radar for the growth of your business. The eCommerce sector increased by 20 percent in 2019 According to the US National Retail Federation, 2020 is about to witness online sales reach a mind-blowing $4.2 trillion. This rapid growth is sure to kick start a shift of traits in the shipping enterprise. Of course, as an eCommerce retailer, you’re going to need to seize a slice of that pie.

We have compiled our very own theory on shipping and logistics developments to anticipate in 2020 so that the next 12 months will be the best for your business

Destination Countries:

eCommerce retailers are becoming savvy about scaling their business with global customers. It’s the reason why destination countries have become an essential trend among many other shipping industrial trends in 2020.

Europe and North America continue to dominate crowdfunding shipments with the UK, Germany, the U.S., the Netherlands, and France, by maintaining their positions in the top 10. Denmark and Singapore grew in 2019, suggesting that Scandinavia and the Asia-Pacific may have more opportunities for crowdfunding in 2020.

Asia is making use of eCommerce trends for fashion and jewelry and spreading throughout many other countries. In 2019, Singapore, Australia, China, and Malaysia were in the top positions as online customers in the fashion category. When it comes to Europe, it appears that sports retailers will have potential growth in 2020.

We suggest researching your target demographic and deciding if branching to other countries is worth doing. If so, you will need to mold your website and online strategies accordingly. The proper alignment and a smooth business portal will result in your business growth.


Personalization and Efficiency are two key trends in the shipping industry.


By providing a personal touch within your packaging, you can enhance the customer experience. Including a thank you postcard inside the package or changing your shipping boxes to you brand color can make your business stand out among the crowd. Customers will remember your product and how you made them special, causing them to keep coming back.

Another way to personalize the consumer shopping experience is to offer personal discounts. Using an integrated payment solution for Dynamics 365 will help to execute these strategies efficiently.


In the age of Amazon, eCommerce stores are challenged with the high demand for quicker transportation and delivery of products. One solution to increasing your shipping efficiency is to open a local warehouse in multiple areas to increase your dispatching time. If faster delivery isn’t an option for your business right now, it is necessary to focus on communication with your customers. Sending an email when their item is packed, when it is shipped, and again when it is out for delivery helps the consumer know that you value them and they are more likely to be patient.

A recent innovation in shipping efficiency is the use of drones. A few companies are already in the development stage for drone delivery such as Amazon Prime and Domino’s Pizza. Although the idea of drone shipping is still new, it’s good to stay updated on it as we could see this become a normal process in the near future.

Multiple Channels:

When most customers think of your business, they likely think to your brand, not the channels in which they can reach you. However, you need to create a multi-channel eCommerce strategy if you want to stay in the competition. This way, you can have access to new markets and grow your brand on a global scale. Through this strategy, you can diversify your revenue stream with ease.

  • Choose the right channels to represent your brand. There are a variety of options that are affordable. Do your research, and narrow down to which channels work best for your business.
  • It would be best if you manage your inventory to boost your sales. Active management can help you to keep up with the orders. One way to keep up to date is to utilize our D365 sales portal.
  • Adapt to each channel by specifying your brand highlights. The same message doesn’t translate across all platforms, so you need to tweak your strategy based on the demand, requirement, and efficiency.
  • Keep track of your sales, getting to know your sales analytics is what helps you in business growth.
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