DynamicseShop’s team of eCommerce experts can help you have the best eCommerce solution for your company. We can help you with everything, right from consultation to creation and implementation, and finally optimization of solutions to training programs.

How can you be benefited with us?

    • A dedicated team of experts are available for consultation, development and implementation of your eShop web store.

    • Constant optimization for providing engaging shopping experience and peak performance.

    • Role-based training courses provide you with specific knowledge required for success


Consultation: Our expertise helps you implement and customize Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) eCommerce to suite your unique business needs. We have the required knowledge in best practices, which includes data modeling, architecture, strategies and design for multi-brand, multi-site and international expansion. With us, you get a platform that is planned to enhance your business dramatically, while driving down operational expenses.

Implementation services:  Our team of professionals are ready to work with your creative team, so that the latter learns how to plan an eShop platform, and then create and implement your online store. Besides, our experts can also help you develop custom functionalities and apps as well.

Optimization: Your site should evolve with your business. With eShop, you can go on developing and enhancing your site on the basis of customer feedback, technologies, trends and functionalities. We help you keep your eCommerce site up-to-date and in perfect shape, while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Our team of experts will advise and implement the required changes with an aim of fulfilling your requirements, while keeping the expenditure within your budget. It is a great way to augment and collaborate with your internal resources.

Our services include:

  1.   Social media integration

  2.   Updates to current design

  3.   Site scripting

  4.   Site readiness assessments

  5.   Integration of third-party apps

  6.   Implementation of new functionality

  7.   Code optimization and performance tuning

  8.   SEM and SEO improvements

Training: Whether you are into creating eCommerce sites or web stores, DynamicseShop is there to help you with a course. With us, web store managers can learn how to use our unified eCommerce features for optimizing business operations and performing common marketing and merchandising tasks. With us, website developers can learn how to use our tool, so that they can realize a certain eCommerce vision.