B2B eCommerce

Dynamics eShop gives B2B business the potentialities that are expected from a quality B2B eCommerce platform. This includes the capacity to provide the same information-rich and easy shopping experience as a B2C site. With eShop, you can integrate eCommerce perfectly with back-end operational systems, including ERP, CRM and order management. Everything, right from in-house sales, support web stores, manufacturers, distributors, channel partners and brick-and-mortar stores, can be managed from a single platform. Dynamics eShop’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Ecommerce solution enables your company to chase new revenue opportunities, attract and serve new customers and turn a slow growing offline business into a rapidly growing multichannel enterprise.

No matter what your eCommerce problem is, you can benefit from Dynamicseshop. A better buyer experience always leads to greater amount of sales. Hence, our main aim is to provide you with a well designed and user friendly sales portal that uses business information of your MS Dynamics NAV, integrally as the OS of your B2B eCommerce site.


With eShop B2B eCommerce solution, you can:

Optimize  buying and selling

You get tools with which you can optimize buying efficiency, including repeat, routine and bulk ordering capacities. You can coordinate the buying and supplying side through integration with vendors, manufacturing entities, distributors, all with one single system. Online orders automatically get converted into invoices with workflow management of billing, fulfillment and approval.

• Give clients their own negotiated terms, prices and credit limits.

• Support requirements of the organization like delegated user administration, multiple roles and organization-specific workflows.

• Offer B2B payment methods like invoice billing, ACH processing and credit limits.

• Connect the catalogs of your products to client’s e-procurement system with punch-out capacities, with the aid of third-party connectors.

Mobile strategy

This is very important for the success of your on-going business. With the use of responsive design principles, your website layout automatically adjusts to the screen sizes of different devices, like, tablets, mobile phones and computers.

• Better enable field sales teams with the use of mobile devices.

• Develop content only once and automatically adapt to the format of any device.

Treat clients in a unique manner

All your customers are unique and they love to be treated that way. So, create individual customer profiles for them that include unlimited users / contacts, price lists, shipping addresses, product catalogs, shipping and payment options, purchase lists, etc. These customized environments serve the requirements of the clients and place all the required tools in one convenient location.

Pace up the ordering procedure

You should understand that your clients are as busy as you are. Tools like scheduled recurring order, frequently ordered products, or the ability to manage several shopping carts simultaneously can help them place orders in no time at all. With our eCommerce solutions software, your clients can type, search, paste and upload products and quantities that they want to order instead of browsing through your catalog.

Custom product catalogs

With eShop, you can display the products that you want customers to see in order to better meet their demands. Exercise total control of your product offerings by creating an unlimited amount of unique catalogs that can be assigned to multiple customers. This is absolutely great for exclusive offers, item specific contacts and niche markets.