Now your salespeople can enter orders and check inventory from any where in the world .

No more waiting to enter order manually after a trade-show or a customer visit.


Access from anywhere

Allows your sales people to order remotely and perform customer-account management without logging into Dynamics NAV real-time from any online browser, tablet or mobile device from anywhere.

Automate Sales Order Process

Now with eShop your salespeople can access customer account information and place orders right in-front of customer.
With Dynamics eShop, each of your salespersons gets can access the sales portal and view only customers that are assigned to that salesperson. On your part, you can control the accessibility of the customer profiles, i.e., you get to decide which customer profiles your sales agents can access and restrict what a user can and cannot complete.

Opportunity to Sell More.

Salesperson have capabilities to show specific prices, discounts and promotions to customer and have opportunities to up-sell .

Access to Any NAV Report/Document

Salesperson can access any report from NAV using sales portal. For example salesperson can access their commission reports or any customer specific reports. No more reports via E-Mail..