Order management

An eCommerce business cannot flourish without a proper order management system. Online shoppers hate late delivery; hence, you need to be proactive as far as delivery is concerned. With eShop, your eCommerce business becomes capable of boosting profitability, thus, allowing you to scale your business in an effective manner. This is done by integrating your commerce system with that of order management and financials. It delivers the absolute best multi-channel customer experience, which allows shoppers to buy and return from anywhere.

The key benefits that you get include:

  • • Increased revenue and customer lifetime value.
  • • Consistent and efficient order management across different channels and fulfillment  types throughout the life span of an order.
  • • Deliver quality cross-channel interactions with a detailed view of customer profiles,    orders and inventory availability across different channels.
  • • Allow your staff to offer better customer support.
  • • Reduced expenses for integrating, maintaining and altering your order management processes with a SAAS suite.