Mobile Commerce

Ordering is not the main concern, freedom is.  We, at DynamicseShop, offer you Dynamics NAV, AX and SAP, with which your field sales agents do not have to write another order by hand. Our tool/app, eShop, offers full freedom as far as mobile order taking is concerned. This can be done both offline and real-time mode. This functionality comes with the combination of the classic catalog browsing and ordering with the possibility of quick ordering through filtered order lists. The tool has got intuitive multi touch interface, which facilitates easy entry in the sales supporting capabilities of sales portal of your B2B module.

Here’s what our tool is all about:

 On the go

With this, one can get full freedom in order taking, using iOS and Android.  Using this tool, sales agents can take orders in a much faster manner, check order status or history at the location of the business: your customers.

Fast ordering

This is exactly what your sales agents are looking for. eShop allows sales agents to login and quickly check order history or place new orders. Besides, new prospects can also be created. The functionality of fast ordering basically paces up the procedure of placing and taking orders.

Available at any place

eShop can be availed anywhere and everywhere, even without internet connection! Information is available real time when the internet is connected. However, when a user is offline, Dynamics NAV eShop automatically stores each and every order locally on your device, so that, when the internet is available, all the data can be synchronized with just one touch.

Browse, swipe, zoom and scan

eShop allows your customers to have a closer look at your Dynamics eCommerce website. Enriched multi-touch zoom, catalog browsing and swiping comprise the unique multi-intuitive experience that the app involves. GPS input can be used to determine the customer that a sales agent is at the right location. Besides, the barcode scanning helps you automatically add products to the basket.

Print orders

eShop allows you to generate PDF files that can be easily printed with one touch. Order confirmation as well as the signature can also be sent in PDF format via email. The mail is then automatically sent to the customer with the use of default email address that features on the application. The email can be sent either from the ‘order details’ or ‘order complete’ page. Moreover, with this app, sales agents can reorder the products that they had already ordered earlier, thus, saving quite a lot of time.

On screen signatures

This feature allows your customers to sign orders right away. With this, you can allow customers confirm their orders by using the option of customer signature. During the checkout process you can ask for a confirmation by making customers sign on the screen. This signature gets displayed on the order details page.

Multi-device friendly

No matter what device you are using, a tablet or a smartphone, our Microsoft Dynamics Ecommerce tool/app supports all.


With eShop, you can give as much control to your partner as you want.