If you are looking for eCommerce software, give yourself a pat on your back!

You have arrived at the right website. We, at Dynamics eShop, totally understand what exactly it takes to get your Dynamics NAV up and running. Hence, we provide you with a seamless exchange of your current Dynamics business-related information to your portal or eCommerce website. eShop is an eCommerce platform that is capable of easily scaling and adapting to unique buying and selling processes that are required by your industry.

Our software is fast, 100% integrated and has all the tools that you need to begin your selling process.Our software of eCommerce for Dynamics NAV is known to deliver consistent, attractive and personalized shopping and service experiences on each and every device and in any location that your customer chooses to shop in. We can help both B2B and B2C businesses by connecting eCommerce and in-store POS financials, marketing, order management, merchandising, inventory and customer service.

E-Shop Flow

Benefits that you’ll enjoy with our services:

    1.  Connected operational business systems and eCommerce with a single cloud-based platform.
    2.  Personalized and relevant shopping experiences across channels like web, mobile and in-store.
    3. A coherent brand experience by maintaining complete creative control in your site.
    4. Providing optimized experience to all devices through responsive web design.
    5. Expansion of your online business through selling multiple languages, brands and currencies atop a single platform of eCommerce.
    6. Offer service to any kind of customer, irrespective of the latter being big or small.

Why is our solution better?

All encompassing : It encompasses B2B, B2C, online marketing, customer/sales portal, content management, online marketing. In a nutshell, you get all in just one single solution.

Integration :  The quickest and easiest way to expand the sales order process of your Enterprise Resource Planning.

Cloud or license deployments: Your web-store is safe with us in our private cloud. If you wish to have greater internal control, you can buy a license as well.

Expertise: We have a wide experience, with several clients all around the world.

Mobile devices ready: Your mobile and responsive answer for a web store sans any boundaries.

Why choose Dynamics eShop?

Begin your sales now: With us, launching your online store with eShop is a quick and easy process. It may take just a week to launch a professionally designed web store when we are working with you.

Attain your desired growth: We support you as you grow. No matter whether you run a B2B, B2C or B2X business. Besides, our software supports multiple currencies and languages as well. With us, you can sell in as many countries you want.

Cent percent integrated: We provide Dynamics NAV business information to your eCommerce business. Your customers get benefited by viewing their customer specific prices and real-time stock inventory. Orders get automatically processed and discount rules are automatically calculated.

Best marketing tools: Our Dynamics eShop solution offers you tools that help turning viewers into buyers.  With it you can create coupons. It also supports your discounting options. Besides, the software also offers multiple payment options for shoppers to choose from, so that you never lose a sale. It supports all the leading Payment Services Providers like PayPal, Docdata, Authorize, DIBS, Ogone and ChargeLogic. Last but not the least; it calculates real-time shipping rates.

Support your sales agents on the road: With eShop you can support your field sales agents while they are on the go. The mobile app that we provide runs even without any internet connection.  Moreover, it also has catalog browsing and ordering options.