eCommerce Integrations

Thanks to the digital age that we are living in, running a business without a web presence is next to impossible. An online presence is an absolute must, and it is mostly driven by the demands and expectations of the consumers. Having a strong web presence, helps you a lot as far as widening your customer base and increasing sales are concerned.

This can often be done at a lower price, because of the efficiencies that can be built into the process of taking orders online and bringing those automatically into your in-house fulfillment process. To make sure that you capture these benefits, you need a properly functional site that allows users to:

• Browse, search and buy products
• Place orders
• Find out the order status
• Check invoices
• Track shipments
• Update recent information
• See their unique terms and pricing

Having such a site is not possible without integrating it with various systems concerning CRM, ERP and financial systems, which includes SAP All in One, SAP Business One, Sage 200, Sage 500, Sage X3 ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle platforms etc. Integrations are what Dynamics eShop does.

We specialize in Magento integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Our platform of eShop can also be configured to integrate with various other vendor systems which are typically found in manufacturing, distribution and wholesaling businesses. This allows systems for warehouse management, accounts, inventory control and sales order processing to be connected to your eCommerce website.

What are the areas that are integrated?

• Pricing
• Product information
• Promotions
• Sales transactions
• Customer and account information
• Order status
• Multi-channel order histories
• Shipment and Dispatch tracking
• Invoice payments
• Copy invoices

Benefits that you can enjoy by using eShop:

• Quicker access and better quality of information for your consumer
• Precise business processes by eliminating all the unnecessary steps
• Deliver more customer services online to your consumers
• Make your staff more productive
• Increase agility, efficiency, accuracy and make fewer mistakes
• Centralized and simpler eCommerce management
• Drive greater ROI and maximum value from your ERP investment
• Receive quicker intelligence directly from the marketplace

24×7 website availability: The ERP eCommerce site can be accessed anytime by your consumers. The site is capable of taking orders even when your ERP system is not connected to the internet. Once the internet is available, the orders are queued and synchronized back to the ERP. Hence, there’s no chance of missing orders and annoying customers.

Easy access of data for your customers: Your customers can access the information given in your site whenever they want. With an integration that is bi-directional, the information can include invoice history, order history, username and password management, shipment tracking and re-order capabilities.

Reduction in Order Entry Errors: Businesses often suffer due to manual re-keying of data. This results in additional employee costs for finding and fixing the problems, customer annoyance and loss in business. ERP integration eliminates manual data re-keying, by transferring all the orders into your ERP.

Better utilization of employee time: Allows your staff to concentrate on developing your business, boosting sales, and enhancing consumer relationship rather than on re-keying data manually, chasing information regarding order for consumers, or answering questions that can be better explained on the site. Quick data synching between the eCommerce site and your ERP- you, your bottom line and your consumers will appreciate the benefits.