Dynamics eShop is an integrated eCommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision. With this tool you get an out-of-the-box web store which interacts directly with Dynamics NAV.

Benefits that your eCommerce business can enjoy with eShop

Have a freshly designed storefront

Our tool gets you good-looking storefronts which are professionally designed and easily customizable.We help you get an eCommerce site designed matching the theme of your business. You can choose from the elaborate templates that we have for you. We believe that sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. You need not have any expertise in FTP, HTML or CSS to do the tricks. Our webshop has tools, with which you can define colors, update logos with simple clicks. With eShop, you can also use images with higher resolution, control display options, support multi-shop, multi-currency and multi-language. In case, you want a more customized look, we can get that for you as well.

Better manage your webstore

Microsoft Dynamics Ecommerce can help you control prices, develop ordering lists, set up shipping features, easy inventory and product management, accept payments via various mediums, etc. Besides, with our tools you can also configure different facets in a way that your customers can make use of them to find the products that they are looking for. We can also help you meet highly customized demands.

Marketing tool

You can easily convert visitors into buyers. DynamicseShop gets you an easy coupon system to help you with your promotional or bulk quantity pricing for wholesale consumers. eShop can also help you get into successful mix-and-match selling by presenting your customers with items that he or she would also like to buy. Besides, it also allows you to present product reviews and recommendations, and offers the facility of wish lists and social sharing. eShop can also help you with SEO, Google Analytics and email marketing campaigns.

B2B eCommerce

You get to add online sales channels and start serving your business in an easier and faster manner.
eShop helps you boost sales and save on expenses, make use of Dynamics investment, support your sales agents; and develop a 24×7 self-service portal.

B2C eCommerce

You become capable of meeting customers’ demands, making it a unique shopping experience for them. This in turn maximizes your conversion rate and ROI.
eShop helps you develop unique customer experience, enhance conversion, boost brand engagement, create multi-channel approach and get into direct marketing like email campaigns.

Mobile field sales ordering app

With our tool your sales agents will never have to write another order with their hands. What they can enjoy with eShop is the complete freedom to take down order and check its status. They can create new prospects with the use of quick order functionality and ordering lists. With our tool your sales agents need not have an internet connection to do the needful. Our tool automatically stores all orders in the device which can be synchronized once the internet is on.Besides, the tool can help in zooming, browsing, swiping and scanning in order to give customers a better chance of viewing the products in detail.


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