B2C eCommerce

Thanks to the explosion of smartphones and tablets, your products and services are literally a click away from shoppers; no matter in which part of the world they are in. In such a digitally enhanced environment, consumers expect nothing short of a state-of-the-art shopping experience from a digital touch-point at any given time. Dynamics eShop, with its tool of eCommerce for Navision, helps you create an excellent shopping experience and deliver it across any device, site and geographic location without any limitation whatsoever.

eShop offers state-of-the-art customer experience through:

  • •  Impeccable search and navigation experience, which includes keyword suggestions, faceted browsing and searchandising (search + merchandising) potential.
  • •  Advanced and comprehensive personalization for delivering targeted and relevant content.
  • •  Promotions, recommendations and vouchers for efficient marketing campaigns and cross-selling offers.
  • •  Improved brand engagement, customer loyalty and site traffic via social network integration like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.
  • •  Reviews and ratings that make use of the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ and improve your rank on search engine.
  • •  Integrated customer service functionality for decreasing the time-to-resolution and turning your service channel into a selling one.

eShop allows you to reduce your cost of ownership

    • •  Create and manage content with a built-in intuitive web content management system that includes effective workflow management.
    •  •  Execute rich product merchandising without any involvement of IT.
    •  •  Operate different web stores on one platform for different or multi brand strategies.
    •  •  Centralized order management potential for enabling efficient omni-channel satisfaction.
    •  •  Deploy Dynamics eShop B2C Commerce in a way that it fits your requirements, either on-demand in cloud, or on-premise, hosted by us.
    •  •  Improved product descriptions with high resolution videos and images managed by integrated DAM or Digital Asset Management.

eShop gets you omni-channel commerce in its truest sense

  • • A much faster marketing time and a customizable and production-ready multichannel commerce system which includes mobile, web, call centre, and order management functionality right from the box.
  • • An in-built mobile commerce solution that can quickly develop mobile-optimized sites or native mobile app for the smartphones of the present time.
  • • Print capabilities that minimize expenses through automated print production procedure.
  • • New touch points and channels can be integrated without lengthy and costly IT cycles.

eShop makes single page checkout possible

This facility lightens up your customer’s shopping experience. They absolutely adore one page checkout, which lets them select and enter all the information they require to complete their order. This technique has been proven to boost conversion rate.

With eShop you can showcase the way you like

The tool of eCommerce for Navision allows you to attract your customers by using engaging multimedia features for displaying your products. These may include file downloads, images, zoom, links, etc. With these features you can present your products in the way you want.

eShop makes upselling and cross-selling easy

The value of your shopping cart gets enhanced when suggestions of related products from your store show up somewhere on the screen. This way, customers get driven to products that they need as a complement to the things that they have purchased, but are not aware of it. Giving them this push can complete their shopping experience.

eShop ultimately benefits your end user

This is perhaps the most important purpose that our tool serves. It ultimately benefits your end users; the people for which your site is made. With eShop, your potential customers can browse the product catalog, register online, place orders and pay online by using specified online payment system or a debit or credit card.